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Review by YitzBS

that book was amazing!

Mar 06, 2023 07:17 PM
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Review by VitaDub

Good 👍

Mar 01, 2023 10:55 PM
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great book!

Review by MinecraftHacker

this is a pretty good book. also according to the poll I live in new jersey

Mar 01, 2023 09:00 PM
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Great book!

Review by Picklessister

I really enjoyed it and I defenently would recomend it!

Feb 07, 2023 08:10 PM
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Pickled Watermelon Review

Review by gryffindor

Pickled Watermelon is a fantastic book about a 11 year old girl named Molly on a trip to Israel. There she will meet her mother's side of the family for the first time. Molly struggles to communicate with her grandparents and cousins, as she never learned to speak Hebrew. Though the book itself isn't action-packed or filled to the brim with drama, it is very enjoyable, even now, two years after I originally got it. The book itself is short, but if you are one who enjoys realistic fiction it will last you many years. It is relatively easy to read, for people nine and over.

Mar 16, 2021 05:02 PM