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Review by treepalm

The imaginary mascot is funny because its face expressions are funny. The froyo looks delicious which made me hungry. I am happy that the boy learned his lesson, and that the girl had a Bat Mitzva.

Feb 05, 2023 03:41 PM
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Great book for sports fans!

Review by Jakemrcool

I recommend this book for ball fans, and kids who like graphic novels. This book is both funny, and a bit sad in parts. It reminded me about the importance of not giving up.

Feb 05, 2023 12:35 AM
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# chunky !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review by ChanaPJL

I like the book chunky because its about a boy who won't give up on making friends and losing weight by doing sports also with the support of a imaginary friend.

Feb 04, 2023 06:57 PM
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Chunky 😂🤣

Review by bookchat

I really liked reading Chunky. I recommend this book to people who play sports and like joking around. The drawings are perfect and the story makes you feel you were in it. My favorite thing is that Yehudi has an imaginary friend called Chunky and he says funny stuff all the time and is always Hudi's number 1 fan.

Feb 03, 2023 06:56 PM
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Best book ever

Review by ehaken

If you are into sports I highly recommend it! I am not but still looooove it !!!

Feb 02, 2023 10:29 PM