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Best Holocaust Book Ever!

Review by Rdav

It is a awesome comic and is about this girl whose life changed when the holocaust started. Will she find her parents and not get found by the policeman?

Jul 06, 2023 02:44 PM
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Review by mandala

I highly recommend this book, although it does have a touch of sadness to it. Overall, it's an excellent read.

Jul 03, 2023 03:52 PM
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amazing book

Review by rdf

this book is really nice, its a little sad, but i enjoyed i.

Jun 23, 2023 10:30 AM
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Review by ABigSis16

A awesome book about the past!! 5 stars

Jun 05, 2023 01:42 PM
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I give it a thumbs up all the way!

Review by KitKat24

This book is amazing . I am Jewish and I felt like this was one of the only books i have read that is really true and informative. I highly recommend this book but I suggest you read it with a little bit of background knowledge about world war 2.

Jun 04, 2023 04:37 PM