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Emotional. You should totally read this!

Review by chubbybunny

This book was really emotional for me, especially as a jew. It is not exactly based on a true story but it has stories (though not true ones) of what it was like to live through the Holocaust as a child and have your whole family dead. It was very sad but important. It shows how music can be absolutely joyous or a death soundtrack. It is fiction and I do believe it is historical fiction. The only reason I did not practically break down in tears is probably because I do not tend to cry all the time. It is very emotional. I would definitely recommend it.😭 💔

Aug 06, 2020 09:32 AM
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Review by glitterstar911

I never thouht a book could be so interesting and exciting! I'm getting this book even though I have read it many times. You should GET THIS BOOK!!!

Jul 09, 2020 03:20 PM
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Review by MaisyRocks

Sounds good. I’ll get it.

Jul 08, 2020 09:33 PM
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Do not like

Review by GooseGirl

I do not like this book

Jul 08, 2020 04:59 PM
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Review by PrincessMRL

I read this book and it was really good!

Jul 07, 2020 05:51 PM