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Good Book

Review by hmayal

This book isn't the best book about the holocaust because it doesn't have any details. Good for a 7 year old but not a 10 year old.

Nov 06, 2016 05:23 PM
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Great book!

Review by superb

I can't believe how scary it would be to walk with Nazi solder knowing if you make the wrong move you could be dead.

Nov 05, 2016 07:11 PM
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Was good, but didn't exactly "hit the spot"

Review by Bango

It was a fine book, but, I would probably want to tell the ending if it were my book.Though, the part about Rachel and Honey Cake was pretty"sweet."

Nov 04, 2016 08:39 PM
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Review by nascar

I think it was really hard living for Jews during the Nazi invasion

Oct 12, 2016 07:52 PM
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I loved the way the book was written!

Review by Design Team

Since the book was written for children, it doesn't have too much drama. There is a boy who is brave even with the Nazi invasion. He does a very important job helping the resistance. Then things get complicated. by Rohan, Florida

Sep 01, 2016 06:16 AM