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Review by lightandjoy

So if you where running in a race and a friend that was in a different team got pushed of the track by someone else, what would you do? A. would you continue running? B. would you stop and help him or her even if he or she tells you to go and run on and even if it would mean coming in the very last? or would you do C. do something else instead of being nice and helping them? I would do B. it is the right thing to do, and it means that you are willing to help someone in need instead of winning a race or a game (I would even help a wild bird, animal or sea animal and even help a tame animal, bird or sea animal), that is what friendship is helping a friend in need. Now if someone who is really nasty to you all the time, got pushed of the track in a race, what would you do? A. B. or C. (look above to see which one is which,) I would still do B. because it is still the right thing to do, even if the person is nasty to you. Would you do B.? and do the right thing, and show you care even if they are nasty to you? This book is not entirely about this it is also about this boy who can get side tracked very easily, was doing soccer but got convinced into racing by his soccer coach, this boy also has a lot of decisions to make along the way. So lets race through the book to find out more! I really liked this book, but it is not my favorite book but it can teach you things if you really think about it, like I went ahead and took one thing out of the book and made it into a review, and if you are reading carefully you can see what the book is getting at. Can you find any other area in this book or in other books that can teach you things? Thank you PJ our way!

Jan 29, 2018 01:22 PM
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it was a very good book :)

Review by #llammas be nice

I definitely loved this book because i made me think more about not giving up even if you really want to you have to just keep pushing yourself more and more till you reach your goal!

Jan 25, 2018 07:43 PM
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Good Story

Review by bookworm08

This was a good story and had some funny parts. There was nothing Jewish in it so I'm not sure why it's a PJ book but I did like it anyway.

Jan 22, 2018 08:52 AM
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the best

Review by Valentinegirl

i would recommend this to a friend. It is very well written

Dec 09, 2017 11:26 AM
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Had fun reading it

Review by Bigfootballfan

Best book ever. You should read it.

Dec 08, 2017 07:18 PM