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Review by HeartEmoji

I liked this book very much. its about two twins: Scarlett & Sam. thier grandmother have a magic carpet which brings them to egypt where thier adventure starts make sure to read this fascinating book!

Feb 02, 2021 06:56 PM
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Scarlett and Sam

Review by goldenranger

This book is about Scarlett and Sam, who had the same facial features, sounded alike and were best friends. I dislike this book because there wasn’t a lot of conflict and it didn’t feel like they were risking anything.

Jan 20, 2021 08:21 PM
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Review by Pilot500

Lots of act-shin but its not long or cool

Jan 04, 2021 06:30 PM
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Awesome Book

Review by Twin02

This was a fun book to read

Dec 16, 2020 04:35 PM
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Review by eris123

good book

Dec 05, 2020 04:40 PM