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Review by MayaRosie

it is not a great book

Aug 10, 2021 07:38 AM
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Bad Book

Review by monkeygirl86

This book was badly written and the character is uninteresting and the plot is basic. I don't know why it has such good reviews it's literally just a stereotype about a teen girl.

Aug 03, 2021 07:33 PM
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Review by rlisrael

AMAZING!! best book ever

Aug 03, 2021 08:22 AM
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Well written

Review by SpunkySoul12

I really liked this book. The main character is not very nice at first but she learns to be nicer throughout the book. Great plot.

Jul 06, 2021 07:55 PM
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Review by Julia20

This book is AMAZING!!!

Jul 02, 2021 06:51 AM