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Indescribable, realistic, and totally breathtaking!

Review by ART0101

This book left me speechless! Amy Goldman Koss beautifully wrote this book about Marla, the only Jewish girl in her class. IN the middle of the book, I found that it was kind of boring, but I guarantee you the start and end are great! Marla has a very understanding BFF, Lucy, who is actually Christian. Together they have lots of fun, even though they have lots of differences. There's such an indescribable feeling when you read about these two girls and their week.

Jan 14, 2022 07:33 PM
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How I Saved Hanukkah

Review by eris123


Jan 13, 2022 07:48 PM
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Not that good

Review by Alligator78

I didn’t like it that much

Jan 10, 2022 05:06 PM
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I Loved The Book!

Review by Arielf

It really kept me entertained I read it 4 times and each time I loved it

Jan 08, 2022 04:43 PM
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How I saved Hanukkah

Review by CharlieMay

I think it’s a good book.But you should be proud to be a Jew. I give this book a 4 star review.

Jan 05, 2022 10:20 PM