Your PJ Our Way Books for October

Posted September 28, 2018  | Written by PJ Our Way Team

Welcome to this new PJ Our Way Parents’ Blog where each month we will share information about the four books available for selection in PJ Our Way. 

Paper Chains

Paper Chains by Jill Sherman

Ages 10+

286 pages

This is the story of Ana and Katie, best friends who are going through difficult transitions in their lives.  Ana’s hockey player father has abandoned his family, leaving her and her brother Mikey with a depressed mom. Meanwhile, Katie struggles with her desire to learn more about her birth history without hurting her loving adoptive parents’ feelings. She feels resentful of their protectiveness regarding her congenital heart condition and wishes she could skate like the other kids. When Babushka, Ana’s witchlike grandmother, comes all the way from Russia to take charge, both girls learn much about friendship, family, responsibility, and loyalty. Told in alternating chapters, this coming-of-age story will captivate readers with its sweet and insightful message. 

Seymour, the Formerly Fearful

Seymour, the Formerly Fearful by Eve B. Feldman

Ages 9+

180 pages

Bookish soon-to-be fifth grader Seymour is a klutz who’s afraid of heights, water, riding a bicycle, bugs, and pretty much everything else. So, when his athletic older cousin comes from Israel and wants to see how American kids have fun, Seymour has to step way out of his comfort zone, accompanying Pesach to Manhattan and even learning to ride a bike! This is a sweet story about family, friendship, and conquering your fears.

The Hebrew Kid and the Apache Maiden

The Hebrew Kid and the Apache Maiden by Robert J. Avrech

Ages: 11+

232 pages

This is the adventurous story of Ariel Isaacson and his family, who journey from their Russian shtetl (Yiddish for a small Eastern European town with a large Jewish population) to the post-Civil War Wild West. After being forced to move numerous times, they find themselves in the territory of the legendary and feared Apache. In a surprising turn of events, Ariel befriends Lozen, the sister of the Apache chief, Victorio. Ariel and Lozen share their feelings and fears with each other and learn a deep respect for the other’s religion and culture. The book closes with the culmination of Ariel’s dream: a bar mitzvah (Jewish coming of age ritual for a boy) with his family and closest friends, which include Victorio, Lozen, Doc Holliday (a deadly gunfighter turned friend), and a cobbled together minyan (prayer quorum) from Tombstone, Arizona.

The Private Notebook of Katie Roberts, Age 11

The Private Notebook of Katie Roberts by Amy Hest

Ages: 9+

69 pages

When Katie’s widowed mother remarries, she must leave her friends in New York City to move to the middle of nowhere in Texas. The only Jewish girl in the class, she writes of her hopes and fears in humorous diary entries and letters, until one day she hatches a plan to run away back to New York. Katie’s voice is a typical eleven-year-old’s, albeit somewhat self-centered. Her breezy style and the illustrated diary format make this an attractive and contemporary choice despite its post-WWII setting.

What do you think of this month’s books? Comment below to let us know.

They sound like they’re interesting and age appropriate.
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