PJ Our Way Impact Evaluation FAQ


Why do we conduct this evaluation? 

PJ Our Way launched as a national program in September 2016 and this is the first impact evaluation to be done for the program.  The feedback gathered provides us with information that will be used to measure the success of the program and make decisions about where to invest next.  We plan to conduct this type of evaluation every three years. 

How was it conducted?

We partnered with an external evaluation firm, Informing Change (www.informingchange.com), to survey families (parents and kids) who had been enrolled in PJ Our Way for at least 6 months as of September 2017. We used an online survey made available to all families via a unique email link or a generic link on pjourway.org. Informing Change also conducted follow up interviews with 28 families to gain a better understanding of family experience with the books.

In addition, we collected feedback from 1,500 families who had previously been enrolled in PJ Library, were age-eligible to receive PJ Our Way, but were not enrolled in the program.Parents from these families completed an online survey and then Informing Change conducted follow up interviews with 24 families. We hope that through their feedback, we can better understand what barriers may exist to families enrolling in PJ Our Way.

How did this study compare to the 2016 PJ Library Family Study?

We included some of the same questions as used in the 2016 PJ Library Family study (www.pjlibrary.org/familystudy).  *It is important to note that the survey in the PJ Library study was completed by parents/guardians only, while the PJ Our Way study collected feedback from parents/guardians and kids (members).
Please email familysurvey@pjourway.org if you’d like more information.
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