The Harold Grinspoon Foundation

PJ OUR WAY is a pilot program supported by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation in partnership with local PJ Library communities.


The Harold Grinspoon Foundation (HGF) creates and supports programs that touch on KEY LIFE MOMENTS, offering the greatest opportunities to engage, inspire and strengthen the Jewish community for generations to come. The programs provide the Jewish community access to the best of JEWISH TRADITION—literature, art, ritual, and culture.

Since its founding in 1993, HGF has invested over $137 million in the Jewish community worldwide. Through partnership, leverage, creativity and community building, HGF encourages other funders to engage and invigorate the Jewish community.


In partnership with local philanthropists and funders, the PJ Library program currently sends more than 100,000 Jewish children’s books each month to families with young children in hundreds of communities in North America. PJ Library's sister program Sifriyat Pijama, in partnership with the Israel Ministry of Education, serves more than 200,000 children in schools throughout Israel. PJ Library is also now in Spanish; a program launched in Mexico in 2013. Other international programs are in development.



JCamp 180 strengthens the infrastructure of over 100 Jewish non-profit summer camps throughout North America by providing mentoring services to support camp lay leaders in board development, strategic planning, governance, outreach technology and fundraising. Through the JCamp 180 program, participating camps have raised $80 million in response to HGF Challenge Grants and an estimated $71 million in Legacy contributions.



Voices & Visions posters reimagine timeless Jewish quotes through the art of world renowned artists. The posters are being used in galleries, schools and Jewish organizations worldwide to start conversations, enrich programs and encourage unity around Jewish values.



HGF’s Life & Legacy program creates a path for communities to secure meaningful after-lifetime legacy gifts for the future of their local Jewish organizations. The program provides incentives to raise the funds to secure the Jewish future into perpetuity. It also serves to foster camaraderie among Jewish organizations that share the important goal of legacy building for their entire Jewish community.


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