Under the Domim Tree by Abby

Posted February 27, 2018  | Written by PJ Our Way Design Team

This serious, eye opening, and interesting book takes place in a youth village in Israel after the Holocaust.

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I picked it so I hope I like it;)
5/9/2019 9:29:13 PM
This video is great! Now I really want to read it!!!
3/5/2018 4:37:51 PM
I really liked your video trailer for Under the Domim Tree. I liked how you showed a picture of the village where those kids live. I also really liked the back round music.
Sincerely, one of your design team friends
3/4/2018 5:44:10 PM
Hi. I liked your video. It was inspiring and really gave me the desire to read it. -Jordan age 8.
3/2/2018 7:20:01 PM
really good
3/2/2018 5:23:14 PM
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