12 Before 13 by Danielle

Posted August 23, 2019  | Written by PJ Our Way Design Team

Arianna and Kaylan are best friends. When Ari goes to camp, she makes all new friends. Kaylan is jealous of the fact that she is such good friends with them. Friendships bend, and they have to figure out if they can still finish the list that they made to accomplish before they turn 13.

Find out more about this by reading 12 Before 13!

this was an amazing book! Great way to make this video!
4/5/2020 3:26:12 PM
This is practically one of the best books I have ever read. And I thought your video review was going to be you talking, but I was surprised by the way you put it together! I like it, it's very original.
2/4/2020 8:16:54 AM
This review did not give me much info, but nice format!
12/5/2019 4:47:29 PM
this was the best book in the world!!! it made me think more about my bat mitzvah and about friendship. you NEED to read this book!!!
11/5/2019 7:45:12 PM
Look forward to reading
9/10/2019 4:32:25 PM
The book was so amazing 😉 😉
9/9/2019 7:47:52 PM
So informative!( In a good way)
9/6/2019 6:39:47 PM
This is such a cool blog post it’s super simple and it makes me want to read this book so much.
9/6/2019 8:32:10 AM
I love the way you wrote the video. It was so much easier to understand than the talking ones. I'm definitely going to order this book.
9/1/2019 10:16:17 AM
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