Hidden by Sheina Brocha

Posted September 01, 2019  | Written by PJ Our Way Design Team

Life was seemingly normal for Jews living in the French capital. Dounia went to school, but everything changed once the Jews had to wear Yellow Stars of David. She was not allowed to ask questions in class and no one wanted to be her friend. Suddenly one night, the German soldiers barged into her home. Follow her story in this heartwarming graphic novel and find out how she survived the war. 

Hidden is a sad graphic novel but really loving and really well illustrated. It made me think more about my Jewish heritage. I really recommend this book.

I’m convinced! I am definitely getting this. I’m sure I’ll love it.😻
5/10/2020 6:52:07 PM
so cool!
11/27/2019 7:09:49 AM
How did you make such a cool video?
11/5/2019 11:28:14 AM
I already read this book, but it’s still amazing!
11/4/2019 6:30:42 PM
great tech
10/28/2019 7:33:23 PM
i love how you made it a comic!
9/10/2019 9:29:45 PM
Love itttttt!
9/10/2019 8:05:57 PM
That's a really nice and explanatory video. Thank you!
9/8/2019 1:28:26 PM
I really like your video!
9/5/2019 12:27:54 PM
Thank you! That really helped me make my decision. I am pretty sure I'm going to choose it now. And cool video!!
9/4/2019 7:47:27 PM
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