Parents Reflect on the 2016-17 PJ Our Way National Design Team

Posted June 01, 2017  | Written by PJ Our Way Team

The PJ Our Way Design Team is a select group of kids who work together to create content for the PJ Our Way website.  As the 2016-17 Design Team finishes its season, we asked parents:
“What did you love about your child’s participation on the team?”
Here is what they said!
Tzvi and Jennifer, Dad and Mom of Shira, 9, New York
“Shira’s participation on the PJ Our Way Design Team was an amazing experience. First and foremost, we loved how much she enjoyed the experience of participating in a group from around the country, and that she was able to see how the group’s efforts came into reality by seeing their work put up on the PJ Our Way website. We loved seeing Shira take her responsibilities to heart, and to see her come out of her shell, and to see her creativity blossom. The video projects were fun family activities with her sisters helping with creative brainstorming, filming, acting, and even "designing the set.” We are truly grateful Shira was given this opportunity for such a fantastic growing experience in such a wonderful environment.”
Andrea, Mom of Dina, 9, Ohio
"I thought the PJ Our Way Design Team was a fantastic opportunity for my daughter to learn to work as part of a team. She learned how to review books to help other children make the best book selections for themselves. And most important, I thought this was a great way for my daughter to give back to the Jewish community and in particular to the Harold Grinspoon Foundation who are providing such an incredible service to Jewish children."
Stephanie and Andy, Mom and Dad of Abbie, 10, New Jersey
"We loved several aspects of Abbie's participation in the Design Team! Abbie was already an avid reader, but her involvement in this program took her to deeper levels of engagement. She relished the creative outlet that allowed her to plan and star in her own videos, bringing the stories to life for others. She loved collaborating with other kids across the country, and she felt special being part of a select group. Each book was written by a Jewish author and centered around Jewish values, and whether Abbie realizes it or not, the stories weave their way into her consciousness. Because these are the formative years, we believe these novels will have a long term positive impact on her own Jewish identity as she builds it.  Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity!"

Josh and Aimee, Dad and Mom of Abby, 11, Ohio
As parents, we loved that Abby’s participation on the Design Team made her look at books from a different perspective (i.e. how other kids may or may not enjoy a book) and then figure out how to convey her opinion. Being on the Design Team also exposed her to more PJ Our Way books that she may not have otherwise chosen to read for herself. It was fun to see Abby have an outlet for her creative side and use technology to connect with others in ways she never had before. And when we were asked a few times while she was on a Design Team call, “What's Abby doing?” it was fun to respond “She’s on a live streaming conference call with a group of kids across the country and a leader in Israel!” The Design Team was great for our daughter, and we hope many other kids have a chance to experience it as well.

Alberto and Becky, Dad and Mom of Ellie, 10, Florida
"We loved having our daughter Ellie participate on the Design Team.  We were so excited to find out that she had been chosen in the first place, because the tasks seemed perfect for a girl who likes reading and loves to perform. Over the course of the last six months we have had a lot of fun helping her film her videos and write her reviews. We loved seeing her improve her writing and presentation skills and share her enthusiasm for good stories on a safe medium. Mostly, though, we loved that she had a chance to expand her horizons by meeting Jewish children from different parts of the country that share a lot of her same interests."
Elise, Mom of Hannah, Design Team Leader, Ohio
"I loved how excited Hannah was every month to read her new PJ Our Way book and come up with a creative video. PJ Our Way and the Design Team opened her up to reading different genres. I loved how the Design Team gave Hannah a lot of enjoyment sharing her love of books and creative ideas with other kids around the U.S. It's a great creative outlet. She always looked forward to her Sunday hangouts and hearing the other's ideas. I even read some of the books! Thank you, Saskia, and PJ Our Way for the Design Team!"

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