Join PJ Our Way in Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Six-Day War

Posted May 01, 2017  | Written by PJ Our Way Team

 by Catriella Freedman, Director, PJ Our Way

What is the Six-Day War?
The Six-Day War describes the conflict fought between Israel and the neighboring states of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria in June of 1967. Israel’s victory in the conflict lead to the reunification of Jerusalem.


On June 5, 1967, after weeks of continued military threats from neighboring countries, Israel staged a preemptive attack against the Egyptian Air Force, thereby initiating a full-scale war. Although Sryia and Jordan joined the fighting, the war only lasted for six days. Israel managed to defeat the Egyptian Air Force, defend its territory, and reclaim Jerusalem as its capital. For the first time in 19 years, Israelis flocked back to the Western Wall, the historic symbol of Judaism and its ties to the land.

Fifty years later, conflict around the status of Jerusalem still exists. Yet at the same time, it serves as a vibrant modern and historic city that holds a special place in Judaism and Jewish history.

For a glimpse at life in Israel during the Six-Day War, read the PJ Our Way selection, The Six-Day Hero, by Tammar Stein. This coming-of-age novel follows twelve-year-old Motti, who lives in Jerusalem, during the Six-Day War. Motti dreams of playing the hero and is frustrated that he’s too young to help, until the reality of war teaches him that courage and daring are not exactly synonymous.

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