A dragon, a fool, and a girl embark on a journey with a key, a book, and loads of magic. Will they succeed in getting past the dangerous Nightingale?
Ages 11+
Pages 416
Publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Coming Feb 2023
Sydney Taylor Silver Medal Winner

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7 Reviews

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Anya and the Nightingale review by Mila

Video review by Mila
Anya and the Nightingale review by Mila

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Anya and the nightingale

Review by Rebekah

Spoiler alert! Anya tries to find her father and bring him home but instead she meets a elf known as the nightingale who's brother has been trapped by the tzar merely for existing! Can Anya help free them? Read the book to find out.

Mar 08, 2023 10:50 AM
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Okay, but not perfect

Review by AL613

It could be a really good book, like the first. Although both books are not always right about Jewish tradition or Jewish law. In the past, girls were bat mitzvah at 12, not 13. That is only a recent thing in certain groups and most Jews still do it at 12 outside of America. I don't like that the Tsar doesn't allow Jews to serve. My rabbi's ancestors hid their sons by using the names of boys who had died because the Tsar not only took Jews to be soldiers, but kidnapped them from their families when they were just kids, even only 7 years old. The kids forced to convert to Christianity and were not allowed to go home until they grew up and then served 21 years in the army. Very few Jewish kids came home who were taken to be soldiers for the Tsar. So, that part wasn't true because lots of Jews were lost in the army, including kids.

Feb 09, 2023 11:46 AM
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Review by Bestsingerever

Read this book!

Feb 08, 2023 05:29 PM
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Review by Kittygirl0

Fun and fast paced

Feb 05, 2023 08:11 AM
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I liked this book!

Review by NationalDesignTeam

It had lots of magic and intrigue as well as conflict. - Elora, National Advisory Committee

Feb 01, 2023 12:46 PM