The $150,000 Rugelach

The $150,000 Rugelach

Jack dreams of becoming the most famous pastry chef in the world. Jillian loves to bake but doesn’t want to be on TV. Can this mismatched pair win the $150,000 prize in the Bakerstown Bonanza?
Ages 9+
Pages 231
Publisher Little Bee Books
Coming Nov 2023
PJ Our Way Author Incentive Award Winner

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I really enjoyed The $150,000 Rugelach

Review by Tilly

I really enjoyed The $150,000 Rugelach by Allison and Wayne Marks! This book is about two kids named Jack and Jillian who enter a cooking contest together that will be live on TV. The person running the contest, Phineas Farnsworth III, is Jack’s idol. Jillian’s mom died, and Farnsworth really wants her to talk about it at the competition, but Jillian doesn’t want to. Farnsworth tries to get Jack to convince her, and Jack almost does it. But then he finds something out that turns him against Farnsworth. There’s a plot twist that’s really unexpected! I would probably rate this book 4/5 stars. I also really liked the recipes at the end of the book. I am going to make the rugelach! I think this book is perfect for kids who like stories about baking, kindness, and friendship!

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The $150,000 Rugelach by Megan

Video review by Megan

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The $150,000 Rugelach by Megan

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Review by tatertot22


Jun 08, 2024 10:54 AM
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The 150,000 rugelach

Review by oliviaps33

Reviewed by Israel This is one of the best books for kids and adults that love cooking, making pastries love cooking competitions.

Jun 07, 2024 07:15 PM
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The $1,5000 Rugelach

Review by penguina01

I really enjoyed The $1,5000 Rugelach by Allison and Wayne Marks. This book is mainly about two kids, Jack and Jillian, they are the best cooks at their school and work together to succeed in a great cooking challenge. In their cooking challenge the person running the challenge, Phineas Farnsworth III, is defiantly Jack's idle. Jillian's mother died a few years and her father is trying to pay off their dept, working all then time. Jack cooks all the time making all sorts of things, while Jillian did not cook since her mom died and her family had to loose their bakery. In their challenge, they must work together to make something that will please Phineas Farnsworth III. I hope you will enjoy this book as much as I did. Have a good time reading!!!

Jun 06, 2024 09:25 PM
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Really Good!

Review by MargotL

I liked it a lot!

Jun 03, 2024 07:15 PM
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Review by Maddy9989

What a fun book! I could read this over and over again!

Jun 03, 2024 06:15 PM