There is nothing Ellie Taylor loves more than a good argument! But is the Christian Society Speech and Performing Arts Camp the best place for a Jewish girl to speak her mind?
Ages 11+
Pages 256
Publisher Macmillan
Sydney Taylor Notable Book

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Read OyMG!

Review by Hannah

Jewish girl Ellie Taylor, loves speech and debate. She goes to a Christian debate camp, where she could win a scholarship to Benedict's, an amazing speech school that she has always wanted to go to. Read OyMG to find out if Ellie gets the scholarship and if her Jewish Zeydeh will let her go to Benedict's. I loved this book and I think you will too. It is full of things about Judaism and speech team! You don't have to love speech to read this awesome book!

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Review by danielleparr

So overall it was an amazing book I really loved it but, it was really sappy and lovey-dovey so if you don't like romance don't get this book. However it has an amazing plot and it has a amazing message and the end is not sad I'm telling you this because personally I hate sad or cliffhanger-esc endings. But I say it's in my top 15 list

Jun 10, 2022 03:04 PM
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Review by chefmads

5/5 I loved this book so much and I want to read it 200 more times!

Jun 09, 2022 04:35 PM
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This was a great book! Really made me think.

Review by Ruby2009

I absolutely loved this book. It was funny, relatable, and heartwarming. The main character really makes a difference in the other characters’ lives and even changes the point of view of one of them. She puts up with the religious prejudice (that is mentioned on the summary) for a little bit, but then speaks out against it. Readers will enjoy the heroine who finally speaks out for what is right and the book will make them think deeply about religious persecution.

Jun 01, 2022 03:38 PM
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Review by bellatween

The plot wasn't thought out, plus the title is a sign of a bad book.

Apr 25, 2022 10:13 PM
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Would not recommend

Review by Coolfox1987

The characters are bland and 2 dimensional, the setting itself is rather mundane and it is all around what I would call a "bad read"

Mar 03, 2022 05:02 PM