Ted loves escape room video games, but this is real life! Can Ted and his friends solve the puzzle and stay one step ahead of the bad guys?
Ages 10+
Pages 305
Publisher Delacorte Press
Coming Apr 2021

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343 Reviews

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Great Book

Review by revik

I like this book because it has a lot of mysteries, and a good plot. I recommend this book to people who like mysteries and figuring things out.

Jun 10, 2022 10:01 PM
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Review by DragonWhisperer

It was an amazing book and it has lots of twists and turns along the way. Great book.

Jun 08, 2022 09:10 PM
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Review by JCWF

An awesome book! Right after it ended, I felt inspired and went to an escape room!

Jun 04, 2022 08:28 PM
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Amazing Book!

Review by Greeksalad

Click Here To Start is an amazing book! Each time I read it I find something I missed and it never gets boring

Jun 04, 2022 08:10 AM
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Suspenseful and a great read!

Review by SkaterGirl2011

It is a great read very suspenseful it leaves you wanting more every time you put it down you want to go strait back to the book I felt as if I were in the book although I am like that with almost every good book I would definitely choose this book! But I love every book from PJ library I wish we could choose them all! : ) - Ava

May 10, 2022 10:35 PM