Zelly dreams of having her first sleepover, but her dog, Ace, is flunking obedience school, and her parents won't let her have a sleepover with an untrained dog in the house. Her social life is about to be ruined!
Ages 9+
Pages 224
Publisher Random House
Coming Oct 2020

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Great book!

Review by Ivy

One thing I learned from this book is that you really have to work hard to train a dog! People who like (kind of) realistic fiction and who like dogs will like this book, I give it a thumbs up and recommend this book to all ages!

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Aces Wild

Video review by Shira

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Aces Wild

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Ace is cool

Review by CAECBOR

I read both Ace is wild, and when life gives you oj. If you read them both, it will make them seem like a set. It was cool because dogs and humans can be interesting and unusual.

Jan 04, 2022 12:26 AM
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Good book

Review by hiloboy47

Funny and adventurous

Jan 03, 2022 06:09 PM
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Review by sarsoleil

Great sequel!!! I loved it!

Jan 03, 2022 04:46 PM
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Great Book

Review by Creativecook

This book was just as good as the first one "When Life Gives You OJ" and that was a great book!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 20, 2021 05:29 PM
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Cool book

Review by Twin02

the grandpa was funny

Dec 06, 2021 11:28 AM